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Digitally Empowered Teachers - An eTwinning community and a series of webinar sessions

Follow the webinars organised within the Digitalisation long-term activity to learn from experts about key school education topics in the field of digital transformation.


The SALTO E&T TCA RC in cooperation with its partners, specifically, the NL01 (Dutch National Agency) is organising a series of webinar sessions within the long-term activity (DIGITALISATION LTA 2021-2024) it is coordinating. 

The webinar sessions are open to anyone interested in the topic, but are specifically targetting beneficiaries who have participated in any of the training events (DigLTA TCAs) that have been organised within the cycle of this 3-year project. Our main focus throughout the project has been to improve the quality of Erasmus+ projects and attract newcomers to the Erasmus+ Programme, so we are happy to see attendees who:

  • have running KA2 projects in the field of digital transformation in school education,
  • are having or have had any kind of projects in this topic field (either eTwinning or Erasmus+), and want to learn more, maybe step forward (from eTwinning to Erasmus+, from KA1 to KA2, etc.),
  • have not participated in such projects but are open to learn about the topic and to network (the eTwinning Group is a great opportunity to meet likeminded educators and teachers, just like the webinar sessions),
  • have an open mind and want to improve their skills as educators or teachers.

Although the Digitalisation LTA is basically targetting the school education sector, we believe that cross-sectoral learning is even more valuable, so the group, the webinars and some of the events as well are open to beneficiaries representing other sectors (VET, higher education, adult education, and Youth), too.


Feel free to spread the word and invite your colleagues who are interested in this topic field!

Join the growing community of Digitally Empowered Teachers on the eTwinning platform where you can find much more!

The first webinar took place on 30 January with 30+ participants! It was moderated by the digital expert of our LTA, Arjana Blazic, and our guest speaker was Lidija Krajl

Artificial Intelligence on 30 January, 2024 at 5 PM (CET): Are we running to or away from AI? 

Digitally inclusive tools in the classroom on 19 March, 2024 at 5 PM (CET): Empowering your classroom with digitally inclusive tools and personalising your students learning

Please, join us on 16 May where you can meet Éva Tóth who will upgrade your knowledge about project-based learning!

If you need more information regarding the group or the webinars, please contact us at

Hope to see as many of you at the webinar sessions as possible!