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Colleagues and contact

Katalin Albrecht-Garai - head of unit

Katalin Albrecht-Garai

head of unit

My name is Katalin Albrecht Garai, head of SALTO E&T TCA, where I have been working since 2018, the beginning.

My task is to manage the implementation of SALTO work programme, get the team together, support cooperation with stakeholders and partner organisations, ensure the quality and relevance of our work.

I am grateful to do such a various and colourful service to support National Agencies in TCA management and beneficiaries in TCA application in favour of a successful Erasmus+ Programme.

Julianna Lukács - senior coordinator

Julianna Lukács

senior coordinator

Julia joined the Tempus Public Foundation in 2009. Prior to that she had 17 years experience in the field of Vocational and Adult Education and Training as a teacher.

As senior coordinator of the Hungarian Team of ECVET experts she has been managing and mentoring the process of the introduction and implementation of ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) the learning outcome based VET reform since 2011.

As Member of the ECVET Users’ Group she has been responsible for monitoring EU policies related to ECVET and fostering communication amongst the stakeholder institutes. She contributed to several international conferences, seminars and PLAs. Her professional interest focuses on how the learning outcomes approach can help to harmonize the training offer and the labor market needs.

Her motivation was for joining the TCA Resource Centre to integrate the TCA projects’ results at European level on the common basis of transparency regarding the professional content (learning outcomes) of the TCA projects and their evaluation and assessment criteria.

Edina Balogh - coordinator

Edina Balogh


I am Edina and I have been a member of the E&T SALTO TCA Resource Centre since March 2019.

My main responsibilities include developing and operating the SALTO E&T TCA website. My main related activities are

  • Coordinating the development of the SALTO platform
  • Maintaining the continuous operation of the SALTO platform
  • User support, helpdesk coordination.

I work together with my SALTO colleagues on the implementation of other events, trainings and materials to support TCAs.

Timea Kiss - coordinator

Timea Kiss


My name is Timea Kiss and I joined the TCA Resource Centre Team in mid August 2020. I have a solid a professional experience in international cooperation activities.

As a coordinator, I help various processes advancing in their way: especially the organisation of the TCA Officers' Week, the monthly news, administrative tasks like contracts, procurement processes and communication issues.

I also take part in trainings (Newcomer Induction Day, Platform Development Session) and the thematic discussions of the WG Café to help the TCA officers’ community finding answers to their platform related questions.

Marianna Szűcs  - senior coordinator

Marianna Szűcs

senior coordinator

My name is Marianna, and I've been part of the E&T SALTO TCA Resource Centre since July 2022.

My main tasks involve developing training courses and events for NA colleagues: not only TCA Officers, but also staff members having TCA-related responsibilities. I also coordinate the work of the E&T Working Group, which is a privilege, too. With them, I work on hosting

- the Working Group Cafés, informal gatherings held six times a year to cater for work-related needs of TCA Officers, and discuss issues of common concern;

- the Newcomer Induction Day, which is an online event for new colleagues, organised twice every year as a side event attached to the Spring and Autumn Officers' Week.

I work on developing online courses as well together with my colleagues at the SALTO (such as TCAs going online and Attractive TCAs - Effective writing).

I coordinate a long-term activity, titled the Digitalisation LTA, so you will meet me at the LTA Coordinators' Community meetings, too.


Fruzsina Szmolka - junior coordinator

Fruzsina Szmolka

junior coordinator

I joined SALTO TCA E&T in May 2022.  I work with the mission to constantly develop the SALTO Platform to enhance its user-friendliness and comprehensibility, besides enabling and facilitating knowledge transfer in the TCA Officer Network.

My main tasks are communication-related (from strategy to execution) and I also work with our SALTO Platform Development Team, developing concepts that best respond to your needs and feedback, and testing new features.