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Training and Cooperation Activities (TCAs) - formerly Transnational Cooperation Activities - are tools for National Agencies (NAs) to form partnerships and contribute to achieving the aims of the Erasmus+ programme.

TCAs are organized by Erasmus+ National Agencies with the purpose of bringing added value and increasing the overall quality of the Erasmus+ programme.

TCAs can be workshops, seminars and other types of events or activities (such as research) that focus on sharing good practices, and lessons learnt and provide networking opportunities amongst Erasmus+ stakeholders, to increase the impact of the Erasmus+ programme at a systemic level.

TCAs are generally open for all target groups of the Erasmus+ Programme.

TCA participants can be the representatives of those institutions which are already participating in the Erasmus+ Programme or planning to apply for a grant in the Programme.

Thus potential beneficiaries of the TCAs are institutions acting in the fields of adult education (AE), vocational education and training (VET), higher education (HE), school education (SE) and youth. NAs may organise cross-sectoral (CS) TCAs as well covering multiple sectors. Participants of the TCAs are teachers and trainers, professors, volunteers, education professionals, experts, other support staff etc. affiliated to the applicant organization. Pupils and students may participate in some TCAs should the conditions of that specific TCA allow.

You can find different TCAs searchable by field, priority, topic, country, date etc. in the Events section.

Before you can apply for a TCA, you must create a user account on the site (Log in >> Create Account). Please select the TCA of your interest in the Events menu. Pay attention that you match the criteria described in the “Profile of participant” section. Consider if the time, location, working language and other details of the TCA are appropriate for you. Upon your decision to participate, you can express your wish by submit an application if you see the "Apply" button for the TCA.

If you have questions to your country's National Agency or to the Organiser National Agency of the event, please find contact details here.

If you have technical questions about this website (registration/application), please contact us at

Watch this tutorial video on the online application process. 

User manual for applicants is available here.

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