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Open call: European Seminar for Trainers and Experts on Participation

A call is open for participants in the Seminar Experts & Trainers of October 2023 in Cyprus. The goal of the event is the creation of a Pool of Experts and Trainings that can work support and participate in the work of National Agencies and SALTO Resource Centres around the topic of youth participation in the Youth and Education & Training.

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The European Seminar for Trainers and Experts on Participation is part of the “New Power in Youth” Strategic Partnership and aims to bring together different trainers and professionals working on the topic of participation in European contexts. It is planned to take place between 9-13 October 2023 in Cyprus. Deadline for applications 7 September 2023.

The event builds on the previous work done within the “New Power in Youth” Strategic Partnership and the heritage of the Think Tank on Youth Participation which gathered members from different fields and contexts to support the work of SALTO Participation and Information and the creation of the Youth Participation Strategy.

Objectives of the European Seminar: 

  • Bringing together trainers and experts on Participation in the fields of Youth, Education and Training to explore different concepts, understanding and methodologies to foster Participation and Civic Engagement in democratic life, including the Youth Participation Strategy and Youth Participation Toolkit, the European Youth Goals, EU Youth Dialogue and beyond
  • Fostering a mutual understanding and the creation of bridges relating to the Participation priority between the Youth and Education and Training fields within the Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programmes
  • Cultivating a culture of collaboration and networking among participants (trainers and experts) to enrich their future work with their respective National Agencies, SALTO Participation & Information and beyond
  • Conceptualising the process of a potential creation of a Participation Pool of experts and trainers, which will include training/facilitator competences, but also activities such as mapping, research or design-thinking, and others.

Target groups and expectations:

  • trainer/multiplier/youth worker/researcher in the youth field, locally or internationally
  • trainer/professor/teacher/researcher in the Education and Training field and interested and committed to learning more about non-formal methods and participation in the youth field or already involved and aware of those
  • professionals interested in updating and supporting the development of participation, especially in relation to Youth Participation Strategy and the Youth Participation Toolkit
  • professionals who have an established or want to establish working relations with the National Agency/SALTO RCs in either the Youth or the Education and Training field
  • professionals committed to participating in the seminar and follow-up activities
  • professionals ready to take up the mutually agreed commitments to support the development of participation activities organised within the New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership and/or by National Agencies in the Youth or the Education and Training fields
  • fluent in English (written and spoken)
  • willing to work in teams, both within the potential Pool of experts or in other contexts (national & international) 

Timeframe of activities:

  • 1 Online meeting getting to know each other – end of September 2023
  • 3 Days Residential event, Cyprus – 10-12 October 2023 (arrival 9 October; departure 13 October)
  • 1 Online meeting follow-up – November/December 2023

Before submitting their application, all interested professionals are invited to check in detail the following:


The selection of participants will be made by the New Power in Youth Strategic Partnership.

The participants selected for the European Seminar will be announced by 12 September 2023

The European Seminar for Trainers & Experts on Participation is part of the Strategic Partnership New Power in Youth between several Erasmus+ National Agencies in the field of youth and SALTO Resource Centres, coordinated by the Estonian National Agency for E+ & ESC. The event will be hosted by the Youth Board of Cyprus, National Agency for Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps Programmes.