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Networking to promote inclusion and diversity in the VET sector of the Erasmus+ Programme

Part of a Long-term activity

Main Info

Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
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newcomersnetworkingICTequal opportunitiessupporting migrants

TCA Description

Themes and goals:

The objectives of the contact seminar are:

  • To increase the number of learners with fewer opportunities and VET staff involved in mobility activities funded by Erasmus+  Programme (KA1 – learning mobility of individuals)
  • To design and develop educational tools and pathways for fewer opportunity learners and staff (KA2 – Cooperation Among Organisations and Institutions )
  • To increase the number of newcomers participating in the Programme

 The contact seminar will focus on three main topics:

  • Access to mobility for target groups with cognitive, sensorial and physical disabilities (addressed to KA1 projects): it will address how schools and vocational training centers can manage the participation in mobility projects of a significant number of students and staff with disabilities. In the VET sector. We observe that most of the projects are aimed at learners with economic disadvantage or who live in peripheral areas without adequate cultural stimuli, while the involvement of people with physical/cognitive disabilities continues to be sporadic and with negligible numbers compared to the number of targets involved.
  • Inclusion of refugees, especially Ukrainians (addressed to KA2 projects). Analysing the data of recent funded projects, it emerges that. although the EC has funded a specific line of activity, there are still limited number of funded projects in the VET sector involving Ukrainian refugees, despite the high number of Ukrainian refugees welcomed in Europe, with greater numbers in some EU Countries.
  • Digital inclusion in the VET sector (addressing both KA1 and KA2 projects). When it comes to digital transformation in education, it’s important to consider both sides of the coin: how digital technologies can be used to support access to education for students with fewer opportunities but also how existing digital inequalities can undermine the equity and digital inclusion, in particular for the most disadvantaged target groups. Examples of innovative tools that facilitate inclusion (for instance artificial intelligence used to develop advanced communication interfaces) will be discussed as well as how blended mobility is facilitating the access to education for learners and staff with disabilities). At the same time examples of potential issues connected to the use of technologies (such as digital divide, lack of adequate digital equipment, accessibility issues, etc.) will be described to understand how to prevent such risks.
Expected results:

Participants will:

  • Acquire a better understanding of the inclusion topic and its connection with other Erasmus+ priorities (in particular the priority on digital transformation).
  • Understand how to design inclusive practices to increase the access to educational opportunities for people with fewer opportunities.
  • Establish or expand their transnational network and made connections with potential project partners to design new project applications, on (preferably but not exclusively) the topics covered by the seminars.
Additional information:

The seminar will be held at the 4-star "Quirinale" hotel, located in the heart of Rome, near Termini train station and a few meters from the nearest metro stop (“Repubblica” - Line A), while many of the city’s most famous attractions are within a few minutes’ walk.

The seminar will start at 15.00 of 24 June and will end at 13.00 of 26 of June.

Accommodation and meals covered by NA IT01: 2 nights in hotel "Quirinale" from 24th to 26th of June 2024; 2 breakfasts (on 25, 26 June) 2 lunches (on 25, 26 June) 2 dinners (on 24, 25 June). The participants will be invited to join a cultural event on 25 June evening. Any additional nights need to be covered by the participants.

Total number of expected participants: max. 65 pax. Please note that NA staff is expected only from LTA members.

Before the seminar, participants will be asked to carry out some preparatory activities, in particular the drafting of project ideas to be further developed during the seminar, following a model provided by IT01.

Important dates:

Booking places: Agencies can book places from 08 March to 18 March.

Application: The participant application will be open from 19 March until 19 April. Applications will be submitted via SALTO. National Agencies that prefer to keep their own application material should, after their final selection of participants, ensure that their selected participants complete the application form on SALTO.

Evaluation of applications by sending NAs: Examination phase of applications and selection of participants: between 19 and 24 April 2024. Validation on SALTO of NAs choices and final list of selected participants, deadline 24 April 2024 (please respect this deadline. June is high tourist season in Rome and hotel rooms need to be confirmed well in advance).

Networking activities: IT01 will encourage the participants to provide information on their professional profiles and activities on an online platform to facilitate networking and sharing.

A form to complete (requesting additional information) will be sent to confirmed participants.

A draft programme will be provided shortly.

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
IT01 - Istituto per l'analisi delle politiche pubbliche (INAPP)
Number of participants:
Participants per country:
4 - Italy
Target group:
Teachers Trainers Education professionals Experts Other support staff
Erasmus+ Programme experience level:
Newcomers and Experienced beneficiaries
Profile of participants:

Participants must be experts in the VET sector and interested in priority of Inclusion and Diversity. Both newcomers and experts in the Erasmus+ Programme are welcome,  but it is essential to select candidates highly motivated to work on the topic of inclusion and diversity. Candidates that do not clearly express motivation and interest in this priority should not be selected.


Pending booked places

Accepted places

Sending partner(s):
AT01 - 2 CY01 - 2 CZ01 - 5 DE02 - 2 EL01 - 6 ES01 - 2 HR01 - 2 IE01 - 2 LT01 - 2 LV01 - 2 NL01 - 2 PL01 - 2 RO01 - 7 SI01 - 2 SK01 - 2 SE01 - 2 IT01 - 8 RS01 - 3
Pending booked places:
Accepted places:

TCA Participant Application

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Confirmation deadline for Sending NAs:
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Long-term Activity Info

Inclusion for newcomers
RO01 - Agentia Nationala pentru Programe Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale
Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
Czech Republic Greece Italy Romania Serbia
Working language:
Start date:
End date:

Rationale and background:

In 2021, EC launched the cross-sectoral Strategy for Inclusion and Diversity, based on the Implementation guidelines Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Inclusion and Diversity Strategy.
In this context, each NA created its own national strategy or action plan, adapted to its own national realities. 

Starting from this, RO NA proposes the LTA addressing inclusion for newcomers from E&T sectors (SE, VET, AE).
The very first series of events will focus on preparing the participants to be able to develop qualitative small-scale partnerships (KA2) projects, addressing newcomers and small and less experienced organizations addressing inclusion and/or working with vulnerable target groups.
In this line, for each event we expect to have on board participants with none or minimum developed project management skills  in order to go  through the process of project cycle management and as well to understand and internalize the inclusiveness of their future Erasmus+ project.
In most cases, each of NA could use TCA - both regular activities and LTAs- as main tool to foster inclusion at national level, in an international context.

The next phases will also tackle Short-term projects for mobilities.


Different national realities within LTA partners.

Planned Activities:

May - August 

National mapping of newcomers or less experienced organizations
Promotion of general aspects about Erasmus+ and the 2 KAs managed by NAs
Promotion of international event to be hosted by RO NA
September 2022
International TC with contact seminar elements on writing small-scale partnerships
3 online support coach and mentoring sessions prior October's deadline. June 2023 

International TC with contact seminar elements on writing small-scale partnerships in Greece

2023 and 2024 similar TCs for Short-term projects for mobilities and small-scale partnerships.

Expected results:

Promotion of Erasmus+ programme as a tool for inclusion among E&T organizations;
Increased quality of future projects coming from small organization with no experience in Erasmus+;
Providing the space and context for networking between participants to share ideas and inclusive approaches, to find answers and solutions to the same needs, to find partners for future initiatives and projects.