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Last DET (Digitally empowered teachers) webinar of the Digitalisation LTA on 16 May about Project-based learning upgraded was held

The Long-term activity Digitalisation is coming to a completion. The very last activity organised by the core partners was the webinar that took place on Thursday, 17 May.


Éva Tóth, one of the wonderful key speakers of our final event Digital EDvolution in The Hague in March has joined us to share more ideas about project-based learning. Éva is the editor-in-chief of one of Hungary’s most valuable educational online magazines called Modern School. She is a teacher of English and the owner of numerous projects that she enriches the life of her students with.

It was our utmost pleasure to see her in the webinar room and listen to her enthusiastic account on how education can and should be upgraded with brilliantly accomplished projects.

All 3 webinars organised within the LTA are available on our YouTube channel and we encourage NAs to share them with their beneficiaries. 

Digitally Empowered Teachers 1. | AI in Education: Are we running to or away from AI?

Digitally Empowered Teachers 2. | Inclusive tools and personalising students' learning  

Digitally Empowered Teachers 3. | Project-based learning approaches