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Participant stories: TCA on Digital Inclusion in School Education

Sharing best practices supporting inclusion with digital/virtual tools and methodology, implementing research on digital inclusion in Erasmus + Projects and networking. These were the main elements of the TCA held in Malta in October 2023. If you'd like to see a more personal insight, read our interview with one of the participants.


The TCA was part of the Digitalisation in School Education Long-term Activity. 
If you're interested in the topic, join the Digitally Empowered Teachers Etwinning Group.

Why did you apply for this TCA? What exactly was your personal and professional motivation?

I’ve got the offer from our NA to participate in this TCA. I’ve never participated in any similar event, so I was a bit curious about it. I am always glad if I have an opportunity to meet people from other countries and to learn something new. And this TCA gave me this opportunity.

As for my professional motivation, we normally use IT tools in our lessons. Not only in ICT course but also in teaching languages, history, and geography. We have an IT classroom and a language classroom - both of them equipped with 25 PCs, iPads, and different robots. We also have interactive boards, webcams, VR glasses, a 3D printer, a 3D scanner. We often use ICT in international projects (eTwinning, Erasmus+) furthermore we can even borrow tools to our pupils if they need them started with the Covid period. 

The new era of using IT at schools has arrived with AI, about which I was especially inspired during the TCA event. We must learn how to use it effectively.

Jana Anděl Valečková

What is your overall opinion about this exact TCA? Which part was especially interesting for you and which part do you feel can influence your professional career?(eTwinning, AI tools, digital tools for inclusive learning FITA, showcases, etc) 

In my opinion, it was a fantastic event. I met so many nice people and learnt many new things. I am afraid that I am not able to mention one, especially interesting part.The entire event was very interesting and inspiring. I was surprised by how many different digital tools can be used for inclusive learning (presented during the meeting), it would be great to have access to those at home in the future because they can help the pupils a lot. I admired the project ENGaGE,... In my lessons, I'd like to use the learning materials from the project ENGaGe and other things and tools that are available for pupils with learning difficulties in our country.

Apart from the professional outcome, what added value do you think can affect your project/future project?

I've found some new partners and I hope to create a common project with them someday in the future. Sharing our experiences and learning from each other was really valuable for me. And of course, I liked the common evening and guided tour through Mdina, our common dinner... All the people participating in the event were very kind and it was a pleasure for me to meet them, to talk to them, to share our experiences.

Would you recommend other colleagues to participate in TCA events? What is your message to those who have not yet participated in TCAs at all

Yes, definitely! It was a great event that has enriched my knowledge, my competencies... 
My message to those who haven't participated in any TCA yet? If you've got an opportunity to participate in TCA don't hesitate and try it! It is a great possibility to meet other enthusiastic people (not only teachers) and to broaden your horizons.