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SALTO E&T RC pilot LTA on Erasmus Accreditation closing by a summit meeting in Tromso, Norway 5-8 December

The project closing event of the long-term activity on Erasmus Accreditation was organised last week in Tromso with 59 participants representing 9 countries (6 ADU, 15 VET, 26 SE). Some of the participants represented more than one sector.


The summit was the synthesising event of 13 seminars with 699 participants from 28 countries realised during the three years of the project work. The eight National Agencies actively involved in organisation of the before mentioned 13 TCAs and this summit event: the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden with SALTO Education &Training RC as coordinator. 

Please see the content and the harvesting of the summit. For contacting participants about their experience, you can refer to the Book of Faces, and for seeing pictures of the workshops and the Northern Lights please refer to the Picture Gallery. The LTA summit full report is due in January 2024.