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New opportunities arose at the Stiftelsen Utbildning Nordkalotten VET, AE institution from attending the Creating contacts and cooperation between Accredited organisations-TCA within Accreditation LTA

Iiris Matela Swedish AE project coordinator participated in the “Creating contacts and cooperation between Accredited organisations” event. Her tips for beneficiaries to talk to other TCA participants ”offering” your ideas in a flexible way, negotiating the possible impact and each others expectations of the partnership. Then see what happens, take an attempt!


The online contact seminar was an opportunity for rural areas without efficient public transportation. Have a glimpse how Iiris Matela found partnership with a participant from a school with similar needs, purpose and interest. The Swedish and German VET and AE institutions have now far-reaching plans for teacher and staff exchange in long-term cooperation starting already in May-June. If you are interested how Iiris Matela prepared for the event and what exactly she and her institute gained from the participation, please read on.

The school of Iiris is a small school in a northern and remote area of Sweden, far up, on the boarderline to Finland. Few opportunities for workspaces, several people leave the area for applying for work somewhere else. Iiris’s school set up an internationalisation group which works on different international possibilities, most of all Erasmus+ but also other ways of international cooperation.

If you are wondering what is a good way to prepare for attending a Training and Cooperation Activity, see how Iiris Matela prepared:

  • She studied the website of the TCA event also gained information on SALTO website tried to figure out what was expected from her and what she was supposed to look for at the TCA event.
  • She put down their project ideas, with the help of the internationalisation group at her school.
  • To find adequate partners it is important to go to the seminar with clear and structured ideas of what your organisation wants to do and what kind of partners it needs. This is to make the work in the contact seminar time-efficient.
During the TCA event:

If there will be a contact how to meet again and how to work further with this contact? This was one of the questions Iiris had, met many people at the TCA and talked to all the people she met in the groups.The App was also a good tool to talk before the contact seminar to check the people coming in. The mingle in the beginning was interesting, things started already there.

The seminar was a practical way to meet other organisations to work and collaborate with and to enlarge your network. Of course it can be difficult to speak another language a whole day but this was a special day for making contacts!

Attending the event turned out to be very successful:

  • Iiris will apply for a prepatory visit to meet the German colleague in person for finalizing their project.
  • She also made contact with a Finnish school, might lead into partnership further on. 

  • Iiris has everything ready and lined up. She only needs to elaborate more on the Erasmusplan. Next step is to send the students fron get a fair chance of a jobm Övertorneå out on Work Based Learning to help paperless newcomers from other countries to be able to do their WBL somewhere the.