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Green Erasmus: Pathways to Sustainable Projects and Institutions - Insights from the TCA in Munich

Short summary of the "Green Erasmus: Pathways to Sustainable Projects and Institutions" Training and Cooperation Activity (TCA) which took place from June 14th to 16th in Munich, organized by National Agency at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (NA beim BIBB).

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The "Green Erasmus: Pathways to Sustainable Projects and Institutions" Training and Cooperation Activity (TCA) took place from June 14th to 16th in Munich, led by Julia Lubjuhn, Head of the "Innovation and Cooperation in Vocational Education" team at the National Agency of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (NA beim BIBB). The event commenced with an interactive warm-up conducted by Maike Tünkers (Uniqueorn), using balloons and painted continents to visually depict population distribution and CO2 emissions on different continents, sparking both connections between participants and setting the thematic tone for the subsequent days.

During the warm-up's second part, participants reflected on their individual sustainability attitudes, addressing key questions like their priority topics, potential project reach, leverages for implementation, and the necessary partners. Responses were noted on a large canvas alongside colorful handprints, showcasing the sustainable interests of all attendees.

The first formal session introduced a Sustainability Slam, where four sustainability experts proposed their topics and engaged the audience in voting for the most captivating presentation. Claudia Müller from the Female Finance Forum emerged as the winner, speaking about Sustainable Finances. Other presentations, such as Marina Peralta Olano's discussion on the launch of electric small aircraft in the coming years by Lilium eAircraft GmbH, and Maike Tünkers' revelation of an AI-written text on Education for Sustainable Development, piqued the interest of participants. Satiye Sarigöz, from the National Agency at the BIBB, introduced the European Framework of Reference for Sustainable Competences (GreenComp), providing valuable insights.

The group then journeyed outside Munich to the Botanical Garden, where participants explored various areas in small groups. This was followed by a delightful vegan dinner at Restaurant Bodhi, Bavaria's first vegan inn, facilitating further networking opportunities.

Day two centered on partner selection and the development of initial project ideas using the Open Space method. Participants proposed project ideas or themes, and if enough interest arose, groups convened to explore potential collaborations and focus areas. Despite some interruptions due to a fire alarm during the afternoon rounds, valuable exchange occurred, resulting in the emergence of initial ideas for possible KA2 projects with sustainable themes. Notable topics included sustainable project implementation, potential cross-sector applications, and mobility opportunities focused on sustainable tailoring.

The second evening concluded with a Green Barbecue, further strengthening the camaraderie among participants.

On the third and final day, the group visited the Haderner Bio-Brewery. Besides a tour of the new brewery building, Angeles C. Casulli from the Italian Chamber of Commerce München-Stuttgart presented the Erasmus+ project "Training in the Production of Organic and Craft Beer (TAPROOM). Within the framework of the project, which was coordinated by a Maltese organization with the Italian Chamber of Commerce as one of the cooperation partners, a field study was carried out in this brewery.

 Participants enjoyed beer tasting and indulged in a traditional "Brotzeit." Amidst the delightful ambiance, contacts were solidified, ideas exchanged, and the last few days reviewed. 

With satisfied minds and full bellies, the group returned to Munich's main train station, cherishing the memories and lessons learned during the "Green Erasmus" TCA in Munich.