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Amazing new international partners and good practices by attending “Come and see” event

Jan Wasikkaoja established fruitful partnerships and learned a lot about other institutions’ VET systems and practices. If you are interested how he prepared for the event and what exactly he and his institute gained from the participation, read the article after the short presentation of the background of this news.


Jan Wasikkaoja- from Nobelgymnasiet, Karlstads kommun -, Swedish VET project coordinator has participated in the Training and Cooperation Activity titled COME AND SEE - EXCHANGE OF GOOD PRACTICES AS SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONALISATION OF INSTITUTIONS AND PROFESSIONALISATION OF TEACHERS IN VET SECTOR and visits of four vocational high schools in and around Prague in November 2021. 

SALTO E&T is starting a series of news that are supporting individuals and institutions by showing how they could benefit from participating in a Training and Cooperation Activity. This article was made with the assistance of the Swedish National Agency and shares the experiences of a VET professional.

If you are wondering what is a good way to prepare for attending a Training and Cooperation Activity, check out what Jan Wasikkaoja has achieved:

  • did a background research and 
  • had a meeting with his institute’s principal about the exact outcomes he should obtain from the attendance. 

His institute agreed that participating in the event has multiple aims, such as:

  • cooperation
  • networking
  • dissemination (of the work of his institute and an overview of the Swedish VET sector)
  • representation of his institute, its town and Sweden.

Attending the event turned out to be very successful:

  • he met 17 participants from 11 countries
  • his institution is planning to collaborate with Belgium, Denmark and Austria (businesses are also involved within the collaborations, such as the Czech Skoda, the Swedish Volvo and the Austrian Siemens)
  • his institution is keen to apply for Erasmus+
  • he shared the success of participating in this TCA with the High School Principal of Upper Secondary Education who is going to further disseminate the newly gained internalisation results
  • he started an inclusive internalisation group within the school, not only for the VET sector. Jan talks to headmasters, developers and all kinds of stakeholders about internalisation, so each stakeholder knows if he/she can participate.

Soon we (SALTO E&T) are publishing our next news. In the meantime if you are interested in participating in a Training and Cooperation Activity, please visit and/or consult with your country’s National Agency.