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Personal or digital wellbeing in Budapest?

After a long online period HU01 National Agency finally organised the long-awaited TCA seminar in personal format in the topic of Digital wellbeing for educators. To inspire future participants, we asked Maria da Graça Coelho, Portugese participant about her experience of the TCA.


Participants of the event arrived from educational institutions and associations promoting the digital transformation in school education. They all set the aim of supporting educators in their digital competence development. All participants were project holders in already running Erasmus+ projects. 

The objective of this event was to provide thematic assistance for attendants in the implementation of their projects to the highest possible standard and thus to achieve the greatest impact.

The participants found the event useful based on the evaluations, and in addition to taking part in the seminar, the event passed also in a good athmosphere and the participants had the opportunity to attend a social event with wine tasting and dinner to learn about the cultural characteristics of the Hungarian organizer.

“I’m Maria da Graça Coelho and I’m a teacher of English at a Secondary school on Terceira Island, Azores. I live in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, in an UNESCO heritage site - Angra do Heroísmo. I'm also an Erasmus+ facilitator, trainer and course organizer.”

Prior to the event how did you get to know about it? What was the motivation for applying for it? How did you prepare for it?

I got to know about this TCA through my NA website which I consult regularly since I attended my first TCA in Romania. Since it was an excellent learning and sharing experience, I wanted to repeat it. Another motivation, was the hosting city - Budapest - one of the most beautiful in the world. I prepared for this activity by collecting data about the fears, challenges, consequences faced by my school before and during the lockdown due to the pandemic. Also, I asked for support of my Headmaster and Regional Education Board in order to have a far-reaching impact of the feedback upon returning. Lastly, I got some souvenirs of my hometown and island where I live to share with my colleagues, since these multicultural events are optimal to engage new visitors to your country/ region, make new friends and broaden your networking. These reasons are very important to me because I’m an Erasmus+ facilitator and course organiser. 


During the event what was your general experience? What was the most memorable moment? What was the most useful personal experience/professional information you received? 


This transnational activity surpassed all my expectations! The program, host NA, logistics and participants were excellent. We were given time to share our experiences on digitalisation and time to watch in loco several running projects related to the topic in discussion. For example, the example given by the Dutch colleagues – iBuild It – was, pedagogically, very instructive and enriching. I had low expectations regarding the digitalization process in other EU countries, but I was proven wrong. I really liked the way the projects presented invest in the teaching and incorporation of digital skills and in the hybrid- teaching approach to soften the burden brought by the pandemic to students and teachers.
The research study led by János Setényi (education expert - Expanzió Human Consulting Ltd.) was very informative and it compelled us to think thoroughly on the challenges we educators had to face before and during the lockdown. The results presented made me realize Portugal was not far from the reality of other EU countries in our response to distant digital teaching.

Leaving the event how do you think you can make use of the information you received concerning your project you arrived with? Would you take part again in a similar TCA?


Primarily, I’ll use in my classes new digital tools used during the activity, such as Wooclap, Wordwall, Mentimeter… which contributed to the monitoring and evaluation of the panels and sessions. Then, I’ll boost the use of the open digital material and resources available in the platform I cooperate with - REDA. This regional platform can help in the implementation of hybrid-learning. Listening to the shortcomings of digital learning during the pandemic throughout Europe, I realised how vital our role of teachers is! This was an increment to my readiness to help my students, through face-to-face or digital strategies. With all these assents in mind, I’ll definitely apply again for future transnational activities of cooperation. 

For available TCA events, please visit SALTO E&T platform and contact your national agency.