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Inclusion & diversity: capacity building for successful implementation

Summary of TCA outcomes

The Training and Cooperation Activity (TCA) – thematic seminar “Inclusion & Diversity: Capacity Building for Successful Implementation” aimed at contributing to the Erasmus+ programme’s priority of Inclusion and Diversity by deepening the comprehension of all involved parties on the wider insights and contexts of inclusion and diversity, the strategic approach within organizations and Erasmus+ projects for successful implementation of the priority.

During the TCA events it brought together the representatives from various I&D support organisations and representatives from all education and training sectors, including vocational education and training, school, adult and higher education. It comprised both current Erasmus+ project beneficiaries, as well as newcomers and potential applicants for the Erasmus+ programme. The event hosted 95 participants (including moderators, experts and presenters) from 13 countries.

The seminar was held for 3 days. It started with an ice-breaking activity and dinner on the first evening. It was followed by a set of expert presentations for deepening the insights of the inclusion and diversity priority The participants were presented the European Policy framework interlinked with the overarching goals of the Erasmus+ programme, elucidated the definitions of I&D target groups in multifaceted contexts, as well as demonstrated the inclusion and diversity in the context of education and training in Latvia supplemented with the activities carried out by the Erasmus+ LV National Agency. Afterwards, the participants were introduced to available resources and tools, complemented with practical recommendations on the development of inclusion and diversity strategy and reinforcement of inclusive environment within the organisations.

The presentations were followed by practical discussions in parallel work groups on the second day of the event. Each group was focused on a sector-specific discussion on the existing challenges and possible solutions allowing to enable practical impetus by the beneficiaries on the 8 existing barriers. The last day was devoted to a sociometric activity building on the existing beneficiaries’ experiences, as well as inspiring stories of the Erasmus+ project beneficiaries as best practices. The social programme of the event was devoted to enabling contact sharing and initiating new partnerships for future cooperation. 

Types of outcomes

improved knowledge on certain topics networking E+ project idea

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The overall results of the feedback survey show that participants were very satisfied with the event both regarding the content and the organization of the seminar. Speakers’ presentations were evaluated as mostly very relevant and in some cases it exceeded the expectations of the participants. The overall organisation of the event was rated as excellent.

Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
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