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Inclusion & diversity: capacity building for successful implementation

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Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
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TCA Description

Themes and goals:

·         The main goal of the event is to deepen comprehension of the Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) priority for successful implementation of the Erasmus+ projects in the 2021-2027 programme period in the field of education and training;

·         The event will facilitate capacity building of the participants for the following topics:

o   European Policy framework and Erasmus+ 2021-2027 widened I&D context

o   Useful resources (incl. I&D SALTO), available support mechanisms, tools, etc in education and training;

o   I&D in Latvia, existing practice, initiatives and campaigns; 

o   Examples of good practice on I&D across all sectors – SE, VET, HE and AE;

o   Experience by Erasmus+ project beneficiaries.


Expected results:

Expected results:

·         The participants:

o   will have expanded insight of inclusion & diversity in the context of preparing and implementing Erasmus+ 2021-2027 projects in different sectors;

o   will have broadened knowledge on the wider context of inclusion and diversity, identification of various areas for improvement, existing resources and good practice for fostering inclusion and diversity in education and training.


Learning outcomes:

·         The participant will be able:

o   to comprehend the European Policy framework and Erasmus+ 2021-2027 widened I&D context;

o   to apply various available resources and support mechanisms in order to enhance inclusion and diversity in different sectors;

o   to learn about the existing practice and context of inclusion and diversity in Latvia;

o   to integrate shared I&D experience and best practices in the daily work;

o   to learn a lesson from other beneficiaries on how to integrate I&D and provide needed support for successful project implementation. 

Additional information:

27.09.2023 - (evening) Arrival, dinner and social programme

28.09.2023 - Full day programme, dinner, social programme

29.09.2023 - Half day programme (departure after 13:30)


Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
LV01 - Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūra / State Education Development Agency
Number of participants:
Target group:
Erasmus+ Programme experience level:
Profile of participants:

·         representatives from all education and training sectors: school education, vocational education and training, adult education, and higher education - current final beneficiaries as well as newcomers in the Erasmus+ and potential applicants

·         representatives from I&D support organizations

·         having very good knowledge of English (at least B.2)


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AT01 - 6 DE01 - 3 DE02 - 2 EE01 - 3 ES01 - 6 FI01 - 5 IS01 - 3 LT01 - 5 LV01 - 35 NL01 - 3 PL01 - 8 RO01 - 6 SK01 - 2 SE01 - 3 TR01 - 2 IE02 - 2
Pending booked places:
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