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Impact of Erasmus+ Traineeships on Higher Education

Summary of TCA outcomes

The Training and Cooperation Activity (TCA) focused on the "Impact of Erasmus+ Traineeships on Higher Education" within the 2021/2027 program period. It convened experienced Erasmus+ coordinators to explore the essence of high-quality traineeships, delving into perspectives from students, sending institutions, and host organizations. With 54 participants from 19 countries, moderated by Ms. Eliza Popper, the event spanned 3 days and 2 nights.

The agenda included a mix of activities—starting with ice-breaking sessions and a cocktail dinner, followed by keynote speeches and presentations. These sessions covered the significance of Erasmus+ Traineeships in Higher Education within the European Year of skills, emphasizing enriching student mobility experiences.

Interactive sessions comprised nine workshops across three focal areas:

  1. Ιmproving the quality of Erasmus+ traineeships
  2. Addressing Recognition, KA171, and Inclusion in Erasmus+ traineeships
  3. Exploring the nexus between Erasmus+ traineeships and employability

The European Commission also shared recent developments in E+ traineeships during the event. The TCA culminated in a panel discussion on the current and future landscapes of Erasmus+ traineeships.

Additionally, participants actively contributed by:

a) Suggesting areas for enhancing the Erasmus+ Traineeships program

 b) Offering insights to boost program effectiveness and inclusivity, benefiting relevant authorities (National Agency(ies) and the Commission)

c) Sharing advice for prospective Erasmus+ Traineeship participants

Opportunities were provided for participants to map their experiences and articulate reflections on Erasmus+ traineeships in dedicated working groups.

Types of outcomes

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For a detailed breakdown of the sessions and workshops\' main findings, please refer to the document ‘Findings of the TCA on the Impact of Erasmus+ Traineeships’.

Increase the quality of programme implementation (2021-27)
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