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Role Models

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Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
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E+ role models

TCA Description

Themes and goals:

Transnational Thematic Conference on social inclusion, with specific focus on Role Models Initiative, aimed at strengthening and valorising this network of positive figures created since 2018, formed by persons who thanks to education and training have successfully overcome a critical phase of their life transforming it into a possibility from which to draw new resources and opportunities. By sharing best practices and operational models among NAs, the conference - and the preparatory work - will Strengthening of the Role Models network, valorisation and systematisation.

Contacts with the media will be particularly taken care of, also thanks to the strong potential in terms of communication possessed (and already demonstrated) by these moving stories of challenging situations, Stakeholder of the Programme, beneficiaries, teachers/trainers/educators/general public, media - shared among Eu countries - of the RM initiative, guidelines for the involvement and exploitation of Role Models in educational contexts, awareness raising with media and general public on the existence of the network 3 4 resilience and personal fulfillment possess. The TCA will be co-organised with the Greek NA, approximately during the spring 2022.

Expected results:

Trasnation al Thematic activity - Role Models N/A help to valorize the work done in European countries until now and will contribute to sistematise it, creating a European network of RM and a shared operational model, with inputs and guidelines (e.g. for teachers, trainers and educators) on how to involve and 'exploit' RMs in an educational context and thus reach the best impact.

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IT02 - Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus + - INDIRE
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