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NEW DATE: 28.-30.1.2019 Responding to Future Skills Needs - The Power of Anticipation

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Please note that the date of the event has been changed. The new date is January 28-30, 2019 ! Booking is open until Nov. 5, 2018.How anticipation contributes to the better matching of skills? How to ensure effective use of anticipation data in decision making and development of education and training? What are the new horizons of anticipation?
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In the seminar participants are invited to share good practices from their countries, identify challenges and discuss possible solutions regarding the themes of the seminar. 
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Welcome to share good practices from different countries, identify challenges and discuss possible solutions regarding the future skills needs and anticipation. Anticipating and skills development for the future is essential in rapidly changing labour markets. Digitalisation, globalisation, demographic and other changes are constantly reshaping skills needs. Skills shortages and skills mismatch are costly for the whole society and therefore changes need to be tackled through more effective anticipation of skills needs and by better responsiveness of skills development. Understanding current and future labour market demands helps to formulate skills development and active labour market policies. Relevant labour market information on current and future skill needs also supports individual decisions and career counselling and vocational guidance services. Following topics will be addressed in the seminar: ·         How anticipation can contribute to the better matching of skills?·         How to ensure effective use of anticipation data in decision making and development of education and training?·         What are the new horizons of anticipation? When and where?The seminar will take place in Helsinki, Finland, on 28-30 January 2019 (including arrival and departure days). Your participation will be covered by your Erasmus+ National Agency.  Target group:Experts involved in anticipation and/or currently developing their own anticipation system, representatives of education and training or working life who actively use anticipation data.  It is necessary that the participants’ professional profile is related to the anticipation work in education and skills development. Preselection of the participants is made by NAs. The seminar is organized by the Finnish Erasmus+ National Agency in cooperation with the Foresight Unit of the Finnish National Agency for Education.  Programme Monday, January 28th (Arrival day) 19.00                                               Welcome Dinner Tuesday, January 29th                                                             Location: Paasitorni, Paasivuorenkatu 5A, Helsinki 9.00                                                   Welcome                                                                   Keynote speech                                                          Transformation of work - changes in work and the labour market                                                          TBC                                                                                                                                         Theme 1: How anticipation can contribute to the better matching of skills?                                                          Presentations and workshop 12.30                                                 Lunch 13.30                                               Theme 1. continues                                                           Case: The Finnish approach in anticipating skills needs 13.50                                               Theme 2: How to ensure effective use of anticipation data in decision making and development of education and training?                                                          Presentations and workshop                                                           Case: Customer viewpoint                                                           Case: Policy level                      Coffee break                                                           Workshop continues                                                          Reflection 16.30                                               End of the day and orientation to next day   Wednesday, January 30th  9.00                                                  Keynote speech                    Overview of current EU policies and initiatives in anticipation                    Julie Fionda, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission                                                           Theme 3: What are the new horizons of anticipation?                    Presentations and workshop                    Case: Digitalization in anticipation 11.45                                               Lunch  12.45                                               Reflection of the seminar                                                           14.00                                               End of the seminar & farewell coffee

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FI01 - Finnish National Agency for Education
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4 - Any
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Experts of vocational education and training focusing on anticipation and skills needs

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