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“Schools go green and digital – and Erasmus+ supports teaching excellence!” - A European Conference on the challenges of schools in the in the face of climate change and digitalization

Main Info

Digital transformation (2021-27)
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newcomersmobilitydisseminationsustainabilitynetworkingteachinginteractiveICTproject management21st centuryequal opportunitiesraising awareness

TCA Description

Themes and goals:

In view of the rising climate change and the pace of digitalization, today's schools are facing great challenges. The conference will focus on the following questions in particular:

  • What knowledge do teachers need to meet the challenges and how can Erasmus+ contribute to the acquisition of this knowledge?
  • What conditions are necessary to create an optimal learning atmosphere and inclusive setting in schools?
  • How can Erasmus+ projects - eTwinning included - contribute to this goal?

Expected results:
  • The conference will present innovative projects on digitalization and sustainable education with a focus on teacher training. It will approach the topic of ‘diclusion’ (digital inclusion).
  • The conference will highlight ways in which schools and teachers can profit from eTwinning and the European School Education Platform.
  • In exchange with each other and with the help of experts in the field, the participants will discuss and develop concepts for teacher training and school development. 
  • The conference will offer networking opportunities for schools and teacher training institutions to find partners and initiate new projects (mobility projects, cooperation projects, eTwinning projects).

Additional information:

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
DE03 - Nationale Agentur für EU-Programme im Schulbereich im Pädagogischen Austauschdienst der Kultusministerkonferenz
Number of participants:
Target group:
Erasmus+ Programme experience level:
Profile of participants:
  • Representatives from schools (from pre-school to upper secondary level including vocational schools) who are interested in starting Erasmus+ projects (Key action 1 and 2 and eTwinning) on digitalization and climate protection.
  • Representatives from teacher training institutions who are interested in starting Erasmus projects on digitalization and climate protection
  • Representatives of Erasmus+ projects (Key action 1 and 2 and eTwinning) that have carried out or are implementing projects on digitalization and climate protection.
  • Representatives from school authorities and Ministries of Education (mobility consortium coordinators).
  • Representatives of Erasmus+ Teacher Academies and Jean Monnet activities on education for sustainable development and digitalization
  • NA representatives


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