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Term: Budget Year

As the calendar year, the budget year can also be used to specify a period. Each year, the National Agency shall prepare the planning of TCA to be realised in the following yearly period of 1 January N till 31 December N+1.

The budget year and the traditional calendar year may differ: for example, an event held in January of a given year may be funded from the previous year's budget. 

Budget years: 

  • 2018: 2018.01.01-2019.06.30;
  • 2019: 2019.01.01-2020.06.30; 
  • 2020: 2020.01.01-2021.12.31; 
  • 2021: 2021.01.01-2022.12.31; 
  • 2022: 2022.01.01-2023.12.31.