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Please read the latest webinar presentation (sending partner application, online application for participants) and watch the webinar recording of 29 April & 7 May 2019.

Please view the webinar recording (partner application, users, events and calendar) of 4 & 6 February 2019.

Please find here the webinar recording about the SALTO E&T platform that was presented to TCA officers on 13 & 18 September 2018.

We are happy to share the IT platform User manual which is a step-by-step guide on how to use the website, including Frequently Asked Questions by topics.

Useful documents

  • Planning TCAs - proposals for future
  • Get access to online training course for newcomers; TCA lifecycle: All you need to know about TCAs
  • TCA lifecycle - Good Practice session
  • Frequently Asked Questions for TCA Officers
  • TCA Officer Guidelines
  • Good practice TCA guideline
  • Survey results

  • Findings of Training needs
  • Findings of Research needs
  • Working Group related materials

    To know more about the group, read its Code of operation.

    The latest WG meeting minutes of the online WG meeting held on 28 February 2019 is available:
    Meeting minutes

    An earlier WG meeting minutes and presentations of the online WG meeting held on 19 November 2018 are available:
    Meeting minutes
    Plans of SALTO E&T for 2019
    Main directions of the training and research concept
    Plans for the 2019 TCA officers’ meeting

    Please find below the meeting minutes and the presentations of the WG meeting held between 24-25 September 2018, in Budapest:
    Meeting minutes
    Main topics to be discussed with the Working Group
    SALTO E&T platform developments in 2018
    SALTO E&T platform developments for 2019.

    Closed WG application 2018

    TCA Officers Meeting

    Please find below the meeting summaries and the presentations of the TCA Officers 2019 meeting held between 22-24 May 2019, in Zandvoort.

    Picture gallery of the meeting

    22 May 2019 (1st day)

    Session 1: welcome, opening speeches
    Warm up mentimeter survey
    Concise overview of past year activities (May 2018-May 2019): SALTO E&T RC & NAs cooperation
    Training and research survey on cooperation with SALTO E&T RC

    Session 2: Good practice TCAs presentations by TCA officers in light of quality
    Fast Track for Immigrants: Ingrid Gran-SE01
    Thematic conference “Erasmus+ programme impact on individuals in VET and HE: Kristina Maldoniené-LI01 and shared additional Conference materials
    Cross-sectoral contact seminar "Enhancing Digital Competences in Education and Training“: Ellen Vimberg-EE01
    Summary of 1st day

    23 May 2019 (2nd day)

    Session 3: Training in 3 topics
    SALTO Platform training programme
    TCA lifecycle: All you need to know about TCAs – Induction training (teaser)
    Collaboration and communication techniques (teaser)

    Session 4: Plenary presentations on quality interpretations in TCA
    NA directors’ and advisory group aspects: István Verses, Head of Erasmus+ Department-HU01
    WG aspects: Judith Dayus-NL01 (WG member)

    Proposed quality framework - examples
    E+ Academy model: Ulrike Jahn, TCA officer-DE02
    Youth TCA quality models: Paavo Pyykkönen, Senior Programme Adviser, TCA Officer/Member of the TCA Working Group, Erasmus+ Youth in Action-FI01
    Summary of 2nd day

    24 May 2019 (3rd day)

    Session 6: Future of TCA programme
    Next programme generation, changes in the programme, policy objectives?: Anne Ballauf, European Commission, DG EAC
    Programme Management WG - TCA conclusions : István Verses, Head of Erasmus+ Department-HU01

    Session 7: Planning and cooperation - Outputs and outcomes
    Outputs and outcomes, dissemination presentation: Julianna Lukács SALTO E&T RC
    Upcoming tasks and deadlines
    Evaluation and wrap up via mentimeter
    Summary of 3rd day

    Promotional materials

    Read and share the SALTO E&T TCA Resource Centre's flyer about its aims and professional background.

    To better understand the connection between TCA stakeholders, check out our infographic.

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    The annual TCA Officers’ Meeting was conducted between 22-24 May 2019 in Zandvoort, Netherlands with the participation of 53 representatives from 39 Erasmus+ National Agencies.

    In different interactive sessions, participants discussed the project cycle of TCAs from the aspects of planning and promotion; selection and realization; follow up and dissemination.

    TCA officers shared best practices with each other and listened to presentations about quality related topics. The audience could benefit from the key messages delivered by the representative of the European Commission plus the SALTO Youth Training and Cooperation Resource Centre. Planning of TCAs for 2020 was also on the Agenda as well as further strategic cooperation possibilities.

    National Agencies (TCA Officer users) may access materials and outcomes of the meeting via Library>>Documentary (under TCA Officers Meeting) menu when signed in.

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