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The SALTO E&T TCA Resource Centre is hosted by the Hungarian Erasmus + National Agency, Tempus Public Foundation (TPF).

TCA Resource Centre Unit members are:

Katalin Albrecht-Garai, senior coordinator.

Katalin has been working for Tempus Public Foundation since 2002. She has been managing multilateral and national projects in all fields of education funded by the LLP and Erasmus+ Programmes since 2008 contributing to the knowledge management activity of TPF.

Before that she has been developing and managing training programmes related to EU funding and project management.

Katalin has a teacher degree and thus a special interest in teachers’ continuous professional development related to 21st century skills as was the focus of her previous project.

Kriszta Molnar, head of unit.

Kriszta is on maternity leave between April - October 2019. During this period Istvan Verses (istvan.verses@tpf.hu) takes care of SALTO E&T management issues.

Kriszta has been an international project manager in the field of education and training since 2005. She has been developing and managing EU funded projects under Erasmus+ and the predecessor programmes. Prior to undertaking the role of head of unit of the TCA Resource Centre, she has gained experience in managing large networks by working as director of operations at the European Distance and E-Learning Network and being a member of the Training of Trainers Network (operating under the egis of CEDEFOP from 1998 to 2011).

Kriszta is also a researcher in applied psychology, her research interest focuses on how IT solutions, such as using animation creation for learning, can contribute to the development of 21st century skills. She obtained her master degree is in Teaching Mathematics and holds a BA in Economics and European Business Administration.
Her mission is to promote innovation in education and training at national and international levels.

Bettina Ugrósdy-Beregi, senior coordinator.

Bettina is on maternity leave from April 2019. She is expected to return at the end of 2020.

Bettina has been working with international programmes since 2008. She started as a volunteer by promoting various types of international scholarship opportunities for university students. She joined Tempus Public Foundation in 2010; initially she was responsible for the complex management of the CEEPUS programme, while she gained experience in enhancing higher education in the East-Central European region. Later she acted as the national coordinator of the Hungarian EEA Grants Scholarship programme, she designed project rules for four different types of educational cooperation projects and drafted their programme guides. Bettina is very proud of opening new doors to students, teachers, staff and institutions by promoting and managing scholarships. Considering self-development to be very important, she has been looking for new challenges recently and that’s why she joined the TCA Resource Centre team.
She holds an MA in French language and literature and Aesthetics from Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest) and she spent her Erasmus scholarship at the Paris Descartes University.

Anett Almássy, coordinator.

Anett joins the Tempus team following her passion for connecting people and living in and learning about multicultural environments. She has invaluable experience herself, having studied and living abroad for years.
During her undergraduate studies, she volunteered to be the Erasmus coordinator at her university, supporting the integration of the international students arriving to her school and keen to learn about their home countries and cultures.
She has over 3 years of experience in project coordination. She first worked as a coordinator on EU funded education projects at European Distance and E-Learning Network, then she was a communications coordinator for It Works! International, an international marketing company in Dublin. She looks forward to supporting international study and exchange programmes therefore promoting a more connected Europe. She is wishing that participants will have the experience of a lifetime.

Julianna Lukács, senior coordinator.

Julia joined the Tempus Public Foundation in 2009. Prior to that she had 17 years experience in the field of Vocational and Adult Education and Training as a teacher.
As senior coordinator of the Hungarian Team of ECVET experts she has been managing and mentoring the process of the introduction and implementation of ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) the learning outcome based VET reform since 2011.
As Member of the ECVET Users’ Group she has been responsible for monitoring EU policies related to ECVET and fostering communication amongst the stakeholder institutes. She contributed to several international conferences, seminars and PLAs. Her professional interest focuses on how the learning outcomes approach can help to harmonize the training offer and the labor market needs.
Her motivation was for joining the TCA Resource Centre to integrate the TCA projects’ results at European level on the common basis of transparency regarding the professional content (learning outcomes) of the TCA projects and their evaluation and assessment criteria.

Edina Balogh, junior coordinator.

Edina has experience from various fields. She joined the Tempus Public Foundation to pursue her interest in supporting individuals and institutions. Her passion is networking and event coordination. She obtained her BA degree in Tourism and Hospitality where she gained international prospect and her event organizing experience.
She believes in lifelong learning and widened her knowledge with graphic design studies. Edina has a special interest in International project management skills, which closely related with TCAs and this is why she joined the TCA Resource Centre team.

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We are happy to hold the first TCA lifecycle advanced training for TCA officers and NA staff members.
The event will be held in Budapest on 29-30 October 2019.

The TCA lifecycle advanced course will consist of two training modules:

· Outcome-based strategic planning of TCA-s (29 October)

· Collaboration in TCA management (30 October).

Registration has been closed. Please note that training materials will be shared with NA colleagues after the meeting in Library >>Documentary menu.

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