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Impact+ Exercise for Vocational Education and Training  beneficiaries

Main Info

Impact (2014-20)
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United Kingdom
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Not applicable
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TCA Description

Themes and goals:
The seminar aims to contribute to the evidence-based analysis of project results.  It will do this by equipping participants with the skills to plan and implement impact assessment activities. Ultimately, this will improve the quality of the evidence base for Erasmus+.  The main objectives are:- To help beneficiaries understand the concept of impact assessment.- To train beneficiaries so that they are able to identify their project impact and outcomes, develop suitable indicators, and identify suitable data sources. - To help beneficiaries use impact evidence in their dissemination by identifying relevant audiences, stakeholders and communication mechanisms.The seminar will include a number of practical group exercises designed to familiarise participants with (i) the stages of the Impact+ Exercise and (ii) identifying and targeting relevant stakeholders.   Participants will not complete the Impact+ Exercise for their project during the seminar. The seminar will provide them with the skills to facilitate a discussion and complete the Exercise with their project partners.   We intend to offer a short 1-2-1 support session to participants after the seminar to discuss individual project questions. This may involve advice or comments on work done to date by the project.   Participants will also be contacted 4-6 months after the seminar to participate in a research project about the impact of the seminar on individual and project impact assessment. Previous research projects have included telephone/Skype interviews and case studies – see Impact Evidence studies here: .The seminar is part of our “Applied Research Methods” TCA project which is co-led by the Slovenian E&T NA.
Expected results:
- Improved understanding of the concept of impact assessment. - Improved confidence in implementing project impact assessment. - Opportunity to meet and build a network of peers interested in impact assessment. - Better quality project impact assessment (i.e., clearer focus, better indicators, relevant data sources, robust evidence, targeted dissemination). 
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Partners and participants

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UK02 - Ecorys UK
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2 - Any
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Profile of participants:
The seminar targets current KA2 VET beneficiaries funded under the 2018 Call. Previous experience has shown that the workshop is most useful when introduced early in a project lifecycle. Participants should be new or relatively inexperienced in impact assessment / evaluation.

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SI01 - 1
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