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Let all the languages meet and let Europe speak

Main Info

Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
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newcomerscapacity building in impact and disseminationnetworkingteachinginteractiveequal opportunitiessupporting migrants

TCA Description

Themes and goals:

This is a national TCA-activity for language teachers in Sweden. All languages can be represented, all levels. Focus will be put on how languages take us further, how we may increase the need of language skills within studies and work, how to collaborate on this, how to find each other for exchange of experience and common work. Languages are an important part of the Erasmus+ programme and will be in the future. Languages make it easier to go on with studies and with a relevant space on the labour market.

This TCA will also focus on minority languages and home language teaching. There will be keynotes on inclusion, on minority language learning of today, reports from Swedish National Agency for Education, information from organisations working directly with minority languages, information from embassies and cultural institutions and they day is co-organized together with the EU-representation in Sweden and with the European Commission for the EDL. *

*European Day of Languages

The TCA will focus on networking and interaction between language teachers from all regions in Sweden, from north to south.

The European Language Label will be awarded during the TCA and a direct link/connection will be set up to the other EDL-activities in Europe.

Expected results:

Let all the languages meet and let Europe speak: the teachers are supposed to find each other, to talk about relevant and for them imporant and interesting issues within language teaching and learning today, 2023. The participants are supposed to bring home and disseminate best practises, ideas and in best of the cases: new ideas for projects and what is most important: find sustainable solutions for the already ongoing work with languages in their schools and get ideas for increasing and working with quality in their daily life for language teaching and learning.

This is a day for language teachers and people working in this sector.

Additional information:

For participants coming from distant areas, travel costs will be paid to the organisation!

For the same participants, one overnight stay will be offered booked by Swedish Council for Higher Education

Report to be handed in is compulsory after the TCA to be able to request travel costs.

Partners and participants

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SE01 - Swedish Council for Higher Education
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SE01 - 120
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