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TCA “Career guidance and counselling for students from vulnerable groups”

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Inclusion (2014-20)
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networking21st centuryequal opportunities

TCA Description

Themes and goals:
Career guidance and counselling (CGC) is the key mechanism for the development of career management skills crucial for the contemporary world of work which is dynamic and ever-changing. These skills are recognised as one of key transversal competencies necessary to all, no matter of the field of their interest and future job. These skills develop throughout the education and training, personal experience in everyday life etc. School is recognised as one of the key places for the development of these skills through well-planned and organized career guidance and counselling activities. In order to be effective, career guidance activities should be timely, continuous and adjusted to the needs of students. Student needs might differ depending on their age, level and type of education they are currently attending etc. Career guidance and counselling of students from vulnerable groups, that might have had limited access to quality information and not enough encouragement to make well-informed career decisions is even more sensitive question, and CGC activities should be carefully carried out. Well-planned and organised career-related support to students from vulnerable groups can encourage them to be more proactive towards their career development, motivate them for learning and education, prevent dropping out, etc. The aim of this seminar is to present key elements of supportive career guidance and counselling services for students from vulnerable groups, examples of methods and techniques that can be used and further explore common ground with career guidance services in general and specificities of career guidance services for some specific target groups.
Expected results:

During this seminar participants will:

  • form shared understanding of the concept of career guidance and counselling through active discussions
  • improve understanding of specific needs of students and different ways of addressing these needs through career guidance and counselling
  • learn about methods and techniques for stirring involvement of students is the career development process
  • develop a plan of supportive and encouraging career guidance services
  • develop new ideas through sharing of the experience
  • build transnational and interdisciplinary networks with other colleagues
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Partners and participants

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RS01 - Foundation Tempus
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Profile of participants:
  • School psychologists, pedagogues
  • Teachers
  • Career guidance counsellors in schools
  • Scholl principles
  • Homeroom teachers

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