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Connector 5

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TCA Description

Themes and goals:
CONNECTOR is a space aiming to bring together professionals passionate about learning in a participative and interactive manner, with a focus on practical experience. The event is based on sharing, learning and testing.
Expected results:
Why CONNECTOR? Learning by doing and focusing on the participants needs and experience are key elements to personal and professional development. With these in mind, the main objectives of the event are: - to put together learning facilitators from different sectors and create synergies in order to create connections between non-formal learning, formal education and vocational training; - to promote non-formal learning in Europe and Romania; - to develop a space for identifying the common needs and challenges of all the stakeholders involved; - to develop solutions for the identified needs and challenges through projects and network activities; - to create a collaborative space for sharing methods, instruments, practices and efficient ideas for learning; - to create future European partnerships, eligible under Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes; - to offer a set of methods and principles with large applicability in the learning environment and develop online tools available for the learning facilitators after the event.
Additional information:
How will CONNECTOR happen? The event is based on sharing, learning and testing. Sharing After the official opening and a short presentation about the history and purpose of the event we will start working. The entire event is a space of testing and sharing ideas, methods, good practices. Learning One day and a half will be focused on learning and developing knowledge, skills and attitudes. Brains and emotions will be equally involved in this process. Learning methods and tools will be shared by experienced facilitators in parallel workshops and training courses (one workshop per participant). Testing & planning Participants will test the methods using performances or other types of interactive activities on a targeted audience. After learning and testing participants will have the opportunity to debrief, deconstruct, and plan their professional future through guided sessions. The participants will also have the opportunity to plan future activities and develop future European partnerships.

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RO01 - Agentia Nationala pentru Programe Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale
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