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Impact (2014-20)
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TCA Description

Themes and goals:
International event aiming to analyze the current Erasmus+' response to organizational needs and to collect input on the format of the future program in connection with the European Educational Strategies.
Expected results:
What was good? What should be improved? What can be better done? The event will stimulate participants to share good practices related to management and learning philosophy behind Erasmus+, how the future program beyond 2021 should look like and how it should be linked with the European Educational Stratgies.
Additional information:
Context Over the last 20+ years, the Romanian Erasmus+ National Agency focused on promoting and supporting learning as the main tool for change at local, national and European level, with a strong added value in all educational sectors. At present, the NA works on identifying and connecting the needs of current beneficiaries to the future format of the Erasmus+ Program. In addition, based on the specific European context – with Romania holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union until June 2019 – the focus of the NA activity falls on promoting mobility, inclusion and excellence in the fields of education and youth. OBJECTIVES of the event: - mapping the strong points and elements needing improvement in the current E+ program; - identifying how the new elements of the program could be efficiently implemented by the beneficiaries; - elaboration of participant’s resolution concerning the future of the Erasmus+ Program (2021 – 2027). The event FuturE+ The 2,5 working days event will place the participants in the center of the process by gathering their expertise and their inputs about Erasmus+. Thus, through interactive workshops, the ideas of the participants coming from different European countries and with a strong experience in implementing Erasmus+ projects will be analyzed and they will contribute to the elaboration of the event’s resolution on the future Program. The mix of workshops and facilitated discussions will be moderated by experienced trainers and facilitators. By participating you can: - make your voice heard at international level and use your experience in order to identify how Erasmus+ might be improved; - learn the new elements of the program proposed by the European Commission and contribute to finding the most efficient ways to implement them; - take part in the elaboration of an international resolution based on the UN Resolution Model aiming at contributing to a better Erasmus+ in the future. Based on your contribution, the Romanian NA will present the resolution, to: the NA Director’s meeting (April 2019) European Union Summit- Sibiu (May 2019) and also to the European Commission and to the European Parliament. The event FuturE+ will take place between 13 – 15.03 (half day), with 12.03 – arrival and departure on 15.03 (afternoon/evening).

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RO01 - Agentia Nationala pentru Programe Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale
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HR01 - 8 SK01 - 6
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