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Development of projects and cooperation to support refugees and local communities

Main Info

Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
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applicationstrategic partnershipsupporting migrantsraising awareness

TCA Description

Themes and goals:

The main goal of the event is to develop new ideas and to find partners for possible future cooperation projects with a focus on providing support for refugees and local communities.

The contact seminar will respond to the European Commission note to NAs regarding the exceptional measures in relation to the war in Ukraine that encourages NAs to raise awareness, prepare and accompany e.g., potential applicants and beneficiaries, youth workers, trainers, young people, volunteers etc. to support refugees and local communities in Erasmus+ activities.     

The objectives of the event:

  • To facilitate development of dedicated initiatives in KA2 projects focusing on response to the effects of the war in Ukraine and to contribute to assistance to persons displaced by the war.
  • To provide support to organisations (schools, VET providers, educational authorities) working directly with the main target group.
  • Bring together potential partners from different countries with a common goal to implement future KA2 projects supporting refugees and local communities
  • To facilitate exchange of experience and sharing of resources
  • To facilitate in-depth understanding of KA2 projects and their qualitative implementation.
  • Discuss challenges related to the topic and establish future cooperation.


Expected results:

Participants will: 

  • understand the framework of KA2 and will know the requirements of Erasmus+ KA2 applications
  • know how to connect the organization’s goals to EU policies
  • understand the requirements of successful Erasmus+ applications
  • have developed new ideas for projects and have found connections for the potential KA2 projects
  • be aware of the challenges in relation to the topic of the contact seminar


Additional information:

13.09.2022 - Arrival, dinner and social programme

14.09.2022 - Full day programme, dinner

15.09.2022 - Full day programme, dinner

16.09.2022 - Departure of participants


LV01 will provide accommodation up to 3 nights, as well as costs for the meals in accordance with the agenda of the event.

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
LV01 - Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūra / State Education Development Agency
Number of participants:
Target group:
Erasmus+ Programme experience level:
Profile of participants:

This contact seminar is open to participants within the sectors of school education and vocational education and training.

We welcome teachers, trainers, educators, learning facilitators, support staff, representatives of education authorities, organizations involved in supporting refugees and other organizations interested in developing KA2 projects - Small scale partnerships and Cooperation partnerships. The participants will have the common goal to develop new cooperation and prepare future KA2 projects on the topic of providing support for persons affected by the war in Ukraine and local communities via facilitating exchange of practices, sharing and developing tools, on-line and off-line guidance, resources and methodologies.

We also welcome representatives from organisations that have experience in providing support for refugees.


Pending booked places

Accepted places

Sending partner(s):
AT01 - 4 CZ01 - 2 DE02 - 2 DE03 - 3 EE01 - 4 ES01 - 4 FI01 - 4 HU01 - 3 IS01 - 3 LT01 - 4 LV01 - 30 MT01 - 4 NL01 - 3 PL01 - 4 RO01 - 2 BE03 - 2 SE01 - 2
Pending booked places:
Accepted places:

TCA Participant Application

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