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18th International Tool Fair – Tech-tonic Motions in Learning

Main Info

Digital transformation (2021-27)
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TCA Description

Themes and goals:

The International Tool Fair (ITF) is an Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps community-of-practice event that gathers diverse organisations and project leaders within Youth, Sports, School Education, Adult Education, Higher Education, and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors across Europe and beyond borders.

The event provides an opportunity to learn, collaborate and share knowledge around innovative methods and best practices in formal and non-formal learning, through the exploration and exchange of ‘educational tools’. An educational tool can be thought of as the way we transfer and implement educational goals into a practice that engages participants in the learning process. Tools can take various forms, such as simulation exercises, creative workshops, role plays, outdoor activities and more.

The 18th edition of the International Tool Fair, #Tech-tonic Motions in Learning, will take place in November 4-8, 2024 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

It will focus on the priority of the Digital Transformation and adapt the thematic areas identified by the SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre in order to make them relevant for both the non-formal and the formal sectors. 

Expected results:
  • Explore a range of Digital themes, qualitative tools and approaches through facilitator-led workshops, peer-to-peer discussions, deep-engagement sessions, and interactive activities.
  • Become inspired and connect new tools, methodologies, and practices to their organisation’s context, local reality, and professional/personal experiences by working around the notion of transferability.
  • Share and discuss how to apply digital tools across sectors and in diverse contexts and settings.
  • Reflect on digital practices, research, and competences across all sectors (School, VET, Adult Education, Higher Education, Youth and Sport) 
Additional information:

The different features of the International Tool Fair allow the participants - through innovative approaches and practices - to explore the theme via various perspectives.

Tools to Explore 

Tools-to-Explore sessions are an opportunity for participants to go deeper into understanding and developing tools/approaches around a particular theme or sub-theme. They are thematic sessions offering novel approaches of working with youth workers, youth educators and/or young people. 

TF Talks 

Tool Fair Talks are the equivalent of TED Talks but specifically arranged for the International Tool Fair, offering inspirational talks challenging the participants and triggering deeper reflections on a theme linked to the main topic of the event. 

Tools Workshops 

Tools Workshops sessions offer opportunities for some of the participants to run and facilitate their own workshop providing thus a space for peer-learning in an international context between different youth actors sectors. 

Tools Market 

Tools Market is an opportunity to share a broader range of tools, publications and ideas brought by the participants. Not all of the proposals can be presented in a workshop setting and some do not require so much time. In this way, the Tools Market becomes the time and place to showcase and explore what the community is working on with specific focus and contribution from youth actors of the hosting country. 

Tool Coaching

Tool Coaches are a well-established feature of the International Tool Fair. All those selected to present their educational tool in a workshop or a Tool to Explore has the chance to be assigned a coach who can support and challenge them to do the best out of their tool. They have a coaching and mentoring role, in line with the themes of the International Tool Fair and the process and rationale of the workshops’ sessions. The tool coaches' role includes contact with the presenter prior to their session, attendance at the session and a follow-up conversation as soon as possible afterward to ensure that even presenters have a positive learning experience at the International Tool Fair.

Hot Spot of EU Youth programmes

The EU Hot Spot provides a dedicated space during the breaks with information about the programmes thanks to the NAs and SALTOs staff members present at the event in order to answer questions and talk to the participants about the functioning of both the Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps programmes.

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
IS01 - Landskrifstofa Erasmus+ The Icelandic Centre for Research
Number of participants:
Target group:
School leaders, directors Teachers Trainers Education professionals
Erasmus+ Programme experience level:
Newcomers and Experienced beneficiaries
Profile of participants:
  • Trainers, teachers, non-governmental organisations and project leaders within School Education, Adult Education, Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors across Europe and beyond borders
  • Erasmus+ beneficiaries working with young people (particularly the age of 13-30) utilizing digital solutions in their field

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CZ01 - 3 DE02 - 2 DE03 - 3 DK01 - 2 EL01 - 3 FR01 - 2 IE01 - 2 IS01 - 2 LT01 - 4 LV01 - 4 NL01 - 3 NO01 - 3 PL01 - 4 RO01 - 3 SK01 - 2 PT01 - 2 SE01 - 4 RS01 - 2
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