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Blended Intensive Programmes in Practice

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Increase the quality of programme implementation (2021-27)
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Themes and goals:

One of the novelties introduced in the new Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027 is the possibility for higher education institutions to set up blended intenisve programmes (BIPs). These combine physical mobility with a virtual part and aim for a transnational and collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork.

While higher education institutions in Europe generally welcome such a flexible approach to mobility, most staff members have little or no experience with implementing exchanges in a blended format and may feel that they lack the skills and knowledge needed to set up their own BIP.

This practical event brings together individuals from European higher education institutions who are planning to organise a BIP in the near future. It will facilitate peer learning between those with little or no experience and those who have already put virtual or blended mobility into effect and can share their do‘s and don‘ts.

Expected results:

·        Enhanced understanding of the concept of BIP as collaborative, transnational and transdisciplinary

·        Shared lessons and experiences regarding BIPs at all stages: development, actual implementation and follow-up

·        Networking, which may lead to future cooperation between institutions in the area of BIPs. 

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Important notes:

The event will be held in Bifröst, located in the western region of Iceland.

Participants will be staying at Hótel Bifröst and the event will take place at Bifröst University

10th October: Arrival of participants - programme starts with dinner

11th October: full day programme, social programme in the evening, dinner

12th October: half-day programme, lunch, departures

The Icelandic NA will pay for accomodation for all participants for 2 nights at Hótel Bifröst 10-12. October, social programme and all meals included in the programme.

Partners and participants

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Organiser NA:
IS01 - Landskrifstofa Erasmus+
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Participants per country:
3 - Any 10 - Iceland
Profile of participants:

The target group is staff in higher education (e.g. from international relations offices or departments) that are planning to set up a BIP and/or have experience with virtual or blended mobility. When selecting participants, the organisers will aim for balance between newcomers and more experienced individuals. 


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