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Professional Development Opportunity for teachers: Creative methods for facilitating learning II

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Professionalisation of teachers and staff (2014-20)
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Themes and goals:
This is the second year we are hosting the TCA ‘Professional Development Opportunity for teachers: Creative methods for facilitating learning’ as a result of the positive response of the training from previous participants and NA Staff. This international training course is aimed at those working in primary or post-primary school education. The overall aim of this training will remain the same. It’s aim is to support participants to develop an understanding of non-formal learning and skills in facilitating learning using creative/non-formal methods. The programme itself will incorporate various non-formal media (for example, drama, art, story-telling, digital media). During the course we will explore how to work with different learning styles and the concept of self-directed learning, and we will use reflective techniques to recognize learning as it takes place. The programme will include space to explore the benefits of using creative/non-formal methods to support learning as well as activities designed to support participants to reflect on how they can assimilate the skills and methods they’ve learned into their own teaching practice. This will be an international training and space will also be given over to networking between participants and developing potential partnerships for Erasmus+ projects. 
Expected results:
The participants will: ·         Learn creative skills and methods to support them in their work and that can be incorporated into their international projects.·         Contribute to your professional development·         Gain an understanding of the value of non-formal and creative methods·         Opportunity to meet new partners to develop potential Erasmus+ projects in the field of School Education. 
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IE01 - Léargas
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3 - Poland 2 - Estonia 3 - Germany 3 - Denmark 3 - Spain 2 - Latvia 3 - Finland 0 - Any
Profile of participants:
• Participants should be professionals working in the schools sector – primary or post-primary (not pre-school) and interested in developing their skills in non-formal learning/facilitation methods. • Participants should have experience of Erasmus+ or be interested in collaborating at the European level.

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BE02 - 1 EE01 - 2 IS01 - 2 NL01 - 2 SK01 - 1 PT01 - 1 SE01 - 2
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