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Prison Education in Adult Education

Main Info

Inclusion (2014-20)
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TCA Description

Themes and goals:
The partner finding aspect of this conference will facilitate adult education professionals (Adult Education Field) working in prison education to explore their work and practice, and to also look at suitable opportunities for European collaboration on topics related to the theme of prison education. The is to produce project ideas and start the planning process of Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility Projects for Staff and/ or KA2 Strategic Partnerships on this theme. Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships aim to support the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices as well as the implementation of joint initiatives promoting cooperation, peer learning and exchange of experience at European level. KA1 – Mobility Projects for the Professional Development of Adult Educators will also be a feature throughout. The participants should be interested in exchanging and developing good practices, methods, materials, tools, pedagogical approaches and/or ways of working in European cooperation and committed to plan Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships (KA2) on the theme of the seminar. And in addition explore potential job shadowing / or work placement opportunities that could take place through a KA1 Mobility Project. Programme: The conference programme is composed of input and workshops from experts related to the area of Prison Education. Alongside this there will be workshops relating to Erasmus+ and project development. Support around how to make an application under KA1/ and or KA2 Strategic Partnership action of Erasmus+ will be a feature throughout this conference.
Expected results:
The participants will: partner find and begin work on building a proposal for a KA2 Strategic Partnership (either exchange of practice OR Development of Innovation)The participants will also explore opportunities for job shadowing/ work placement under KA1 Mobility Projects for AE staff 
Additional information:
The Irish National Agency, Léargas, is pleased to invite applications for funding from those working in prison education to attend the European Prison Education Association (EPEA) 17th International Conference being held in Dublin, Ireland. Leargas is collaborating with the Irish Prison Education Service and the European Prison Education Association to facilitate Erasmus+ Partner finding and Erasmus+ project development within the EPEA International Conference Applicants who wish to apply for funding from European Programme Countries must apply to the National Agency in their own country. Irish applicants must apply to the Irish National Agency ( Leargas) Applicants who wish to apply for funding under Erasmus + to attend this conference must have a clear intention to find partners with a view to developing an Erasmus+ project in the field of Adult Education

Partners and participants

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IE01 - Léargas
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2 - Any
Profile of participants:
The seminar is targeted at adult education practitioners in the area of Prison Education

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