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Myth busting Project & Quality Management in KA2: A showcasing of European Experience (tools, approaches & Resources) - Developing a Handbook for KA2 projects

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TCA Description

Themes and goals:
A cross-sectoral seminar promoting sharing of best practice in project management and developing quality management strategies for KA2 projects in Adult Edcuation and VET.Themes to be addressed:· Mapping the project management road · Project Managing an international project (partners, timelines, evaluation, communication etc.) · Quality Management · Transnational Cooperation and developing transnational outcomes · Inclusion-cross cutting theme throughout the event/ and specific inclusion workshop · Dissemination of European projects and outputs
Expected results:
It is hoped that the event will result in new and better quality project applications; that participants will gain confidence and skills in overall project management as well as useful tools for project management.• Improved understanding of project management skills required for managing Strategic Partnership projects• Extended and updated understanding of project and quality management through exchange of practice and tools • Opportunity to meet and build a network of peers interested in transnational project management • Project Management handbook which can be used for current and future EU partnership projects.
Additional information:
Profile of participants:We are looking for:Experienced project coordinators who can share their approach on the above themes with both new and experienced participants / who can run a workshop/ or input to a workshop/ must speak English/ willing to share tools/ resources. Newcomers to Erasmus+ projects (new Strategic Partnership Coordinators who are coordinating their first Strategic Partnership project) from your countries who will participate in the newcomer workshops.

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
IE01 - Léargas
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3 - Any
Profile of participants:
Newcomers and past participants of KA2 projects in AE and VET.

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DE02 - 1 DK01 - 1 HR01 - 1 IS01 - 1 BG01 - 1
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