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Study visit on « European Art, Crafts and Heritage: traditional skills and know-how to innovative techniques for tomorrow's careers! »

Main Info

Increase the quality of programme implementation (2021-27)
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networkingstudyvalidation of learning outcomes

TCA Description

Themes and goals:


France's policy in favour of arts, crafts and heritage aims to preserve and promote these trades, which are involved in heritage conservation, contemporary creation and the dissemination of culture. It also aims to ensure that exceptional skills are passed on.

In 2015, 281 arts and crafts were defined and divided into 16 specialist areas. Their purpose is to create or restore heritage. These crafts require years of practice before perfect mastery is achieved.

In 2023, the French government is setting up a national strategy to support arts and crafts. The aim is to preserve their excellence, promote their diversity, ensure that they are passed on to future generations and support their international development.

In an environment dedicated to creation and heritage, arts and heritage professions are not a single sector, but can be found in several economic sectors: luxury goods and fashion, architecture and interior design, heritage, performing arts, etc. 

Art professions are manual crafts. They involve traditional, highly technical skills that are often exceptional.

Craft professionals work with noble, durable or ennobled raw materials such as earth, stone, metal, wood, animal and vegetable textiles, or materials derived from recent technological innovations. They are therefore dependent on several economic sectors.

 The French Erasmus+ national Agency for Education and Training (FR01) is organising a European thematic TCA entitled "European Erasmus+ Meeting on Art, Crafts and Heritage: From yesterday's skills to tomorrow's careers!" with its partners :

  • the French Ministry of Culture,
  • the Institut National du Patrimoine,
  • and the Mobilier National.

Expected results:

In this context, those involved in teaching and training in the arts, crafts and heritage contribute to the development of new teaching practices, combining initial and continuing training, school education, vocational training and higher education. An important part of this is dedicated to promoting art and craft among young people.

Therefore, the study visit will be the perfect place to exchange practices and explore new teaching and learning ways regarding those study fields

Additional information:

The areas of study targeted by this TCA are grouped around 4 specialties: 

  • furniture, 
  • textiles, 
  • furnishings,
  • gilding.

This thematic TCA, focusing on the continuity of teaching and learning pathways, is dedicated at teachers and management staff from three educational sectors: school education, vocational education and training, and higher education.

It will provide an opportunity to address the issues of sustainable development, new technologies, local roots and the transmission of know-how through group work, plenary sessions and site visits.

To address these rich and varied themes, study visits will be organised to eminent sites where pupils, apprentices and students are trained in the arts and heritage professions every day. Among the most eminent sites in the French capital, participants will be invited to visit the Ateliers de l'Institut National du Patrimoine in Aubervilliers dedicated to heritage restoration, the Château de Versailles Campus on the preservation of architectural and historical heritage, and in the heart of Paris, the key site of the Mobilier National, an important heritage site and a major player in contemporary design and the promotion of French decorative arts.

For agencies that have booked places, the French Agency will be able to relay the information to European craft and heritage networks to encourage target audiences to apply via Salto to their agencies whose places have been validated and accepted.

To organise the trip, please consult the attached "practical information" document.

The French agency will pay the following expenses directly from Tuesday 21 May 2024 (midday) to Friday 24 May 2024 (midday) - all-inclusive format:

  • 3 nights of accomodation (breakfast included),
  • lunches and dinner,
  • a cocktail reception (dinner) with a buffet, usually served standing up, not just an aperitif, but multiple small bites (in verrines, spoons, picks, etc. served with drinks,
  • study visits, including transport by public bus,
  • social activities (a guided tour of a site of interest, for example), etc.

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
FR01 - Agence Erasmus+ France / Education Formation
Number of participants:
Participants per country:
25 - France
Target group:
Teachers Trainers Education professionals Other support staff School authorities
Erasmus+ Programme experience level:
Newcomers and Experienced beneficiaries
Profile of participants:

Target audience: French and European teachers and school authorities in the school education and vocational education and training sectors.

A maximum of 2 to 3 participants per agency is expected.

A total of 60 French & European external participants are expected: 

  • 35 Europeans from 15 to 17 different European agencies,
  • 25 participants from France.

In addition to this total of external participants, 10 FR01 TCA organisation staff are involved (Agence France agents, moderators, experts, etc.).

Attention: The TCA doesn’t apply to the luxury goods sector (fashion, accessories and haute couture), jewellery, leather and leather goods, goldsmiths and silversmiths, perfumery, etc.

It focuses on top-class arts and crafts related to heritage restoration and conservation (architecture, sculpture, decoration, furnishings, etc.).

Profile of participants: French and European teachers and school authorities in the school education, higher education  and vocational education and training sectors.


Pending booked places

Accepted places

Sending partner(s):
AT01 - 2 BE01 - 1 BE02 - 3 CY01 - 1 CZ01 - 2 DE02 - 2 DE03 - 2 DK01 - 2 EE01 - 2 ES01 - 3 FI01 - 1 FR01 - 35 IE01 - 3 LT01 - 2 LV01 - 1 NL01 - 1 PL01 - 2 RO01 - 1 SK01 - 1 PT01 - 3
Pending booked places:
Accepted places:

TCA Participant Application

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