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Together! - Inclusive Classroom and Digitally Supported Learning

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Inclusion and Diversity (2021-27)
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TCA Description

Themes and goals:

The seminar introduces rousing ideas how to use ICT as a tool on primary and lower secondary education to enhance collaborative learning in inclusive classrooms in authentic project-based learning processes. The seminar presents ways to use technology as a tool in social-emotional education and digital content creation, for example. The seminar will showcase methods used in primary and lower secondary education in regard to digital tools and pedagogy and will offer an opportunity for teachers and education experts to exchange views on this topic.

The seminar introduces the participants to the thought of digital competence being the right of every learner and presents how ICT can be used for pupils’ and students’ self-expression, creativity, togetherness, agency, and criticality. The seminar presents approaches in which learners actively and authentically participate in their learning through different kinds of digital tools, platforms, and face-to-face interaction with peers. Also, ideas to support inclusive, personalized, and positive education in practice are presented.

The seminar includes a carefully curated selection of thematic interactive keynote sessions by Finland’s top researchers and lecturers under the topics of “outsiderhood”, positive education, new literacies as well as inclusive pedagogies and digitally supported learning. The thematic hands-on workshops are run by the local primary and lower secondary education teachers who have been creating innovative pedagogical solutions for learning in inclusive classrooms using ICT as a tool in collaborative learning. In addition to this, the seminar programme includes study visits to versatile local learning environments.

The seminar also includes a session dedicated for networking and facilitated planning of future cooperation in the context of the Erasmus+ programme. Inclusion and Diversity is one of the key priorities of the Erasmus+ programme and keeping this in mind, the seminar aims to support ignition of new networks and projects on this priority as well as to promote the financing-related opportunities, especially provided within the Erasmus+ mobility projects.

The detailed seminar programme (pdf format) is available at the top of this page.

The seminar is co-produced by the Finnish National Agency for Education and the City of Mikkeli. In the City of Mikkeli, education is underpinned by the idea of the specific value of childhood; each child has the right to grow into one’s full potential being an active actor, learning to set goals, solve problems independently and together with others.  Developing the learning-to-learn skills lays the foundation for goal-oriented and lifelong learning.

Finland’s National core curriculum for basic education:  

Basic education in the City of Mikkeli: 

Expected results:

The participants will gain new knowledge, ideas, methods, skills, and motivation to implement inclusive teaching supported by ICT tools.

The participants will establish networks and find partners for transnational cooperation possibilities offered by the Erasmus+ programme. 

Additional information:

Please notice that the selected participants are expected to participate the seminar programme in full. The detailed seminar programme (pdf format) is available at the top of this page. 

The Erasmus+ National Agency of Finland covers the 3 nights of hotel accommodation in a single room and the meals during the seminar programme. The seminar venue in the city of Mikkeli is in the distance of 2.5-hour train travel from Helsinki. 

Partners and participants

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FI01 - Finnish National Agency for Education
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The seminar is open to applications by special education teachers, class teachers and subject teachers in primary and lower secondary education (teaching pupils of 6-15 years) and school heads of such educational institutions.


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