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Study Visit "Developing Youth Workers' Competences in Finland"

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The cross sectoral study visit both explores the curriculum and teaching of youth work in secondary level vocational institution in Finland and helps to understand how what is learned in the education can be put into practice in daily youth work. The study visit is a cooperation between the Vocational Education and Youth fields. It aims to explore the link between youth policies and the practice of youth work by looking at the elements in political documents on European and Finnish levels and seeing how they are manifested both in the educational plans of a vocational institution teaching youth work and in the practice of Finnish youth work on grass-root level. The study visit is organised by Youth Centre Marttinen and South Ostrobothnia Folk High School.
Expected results:
Participants will be able: to familiarise oneself with the political and educational structures concerning youth work in Finland, to familiarise oneself to the structures of youth work education in Finland, to explore and discuss the content and practices of youth work education on the secondary level in Finland, to discover how the competences gained in education are transferred to practical youth work on the field, to provide an opportunity to meet and discuss with youth workers, teachers, lectures, researcher and students in youth work field in Finland. The programme allows participants to get to know how the education of youth work on secondary level has been organised in Finland. It offers a possibility to explore the contents of the youth work curriculum on the secondary level education and see the links to national laws and European Youth Strategy in its planning. It offers hands-on experiences in the classroom and enables dialogue with youth work students about the content of their studies. The programme also allows participants to follow students to their practical training and see how what has been learned can be put into practice. Visits to youth work organisations highlight how the laws and strategies manifest themselves on practical level in daily work.
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FI01 - Finnish National Agency for Education
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The study visit may be useful for the people and organisations who have a keen interest in developing models, methods and curricula for youth work (education) or similar competence development of youth workers teaching youth work (or similar, i.e. social work, community work, etc.) promoting policy development in youth work education looking for good practices to apply in daily youth work in their own setting Participants can be teachers of youth and/or social work, developers of educational curricula, policy developers/makers, youth and community workers, coordinators in youth organisation and other similar actors with relevant links to the topic.

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