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Permeability between different sectors as key factor for equity in Education POSTPONED

Main Info

Inclusion (2014-20)
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equal opportunities

TCA Description

Themes and goals:
In Europe permeability between different education sectors is still a challenge, as it is difficult for NEETS to continue their school education, in case they have dropped out of school for a long period of time. Moreover, recently arrived adolescent/young adult immigrants/refugees face significant challenges to enter the formal school system and acquire any qualification. In addition, regarding permeability between VET and Higher Education Sectors, although some improvements have been made, more effort is needed to remove barriers between VET and HE sectors. This thematic monitoring seminar aspires to bring the dialogue and good practices on permeability between different sectors.
Expected results:

• Share practices and provide monitoring on ongoing projects focusing on flexible schooling environments for NEETs (ex. work-based learning pathways for adolescents, Second Chance Schools for young Adults)

• Increase awareness of good practice examples regarding education of recently arrived adolescent/young adults with an immigrant/refugee status

• Identify good practices of permeability between VET and HE sectors

• Identify obstacles for transition between different education levels

• Identify potential synergies between the SE, VET, HE sectors that could lead to new inclusive educational pathways

• Contribute to the discussion on the inclusion component of the new Programme

Additional information:
The NA will organise a TCA thematic meeting on the permeability between different education levels. TCA participants will discuss on how to widen and strengthen alternative access through validation of non-formal and informal learning so as to allow permeability in all levels of education, namely between School education, VET and Higher Education. We consider that this topic is highly relevant with the priority of inclusion and equity in education, in terms of providing flexible education pathways for all.

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
EL01 - State Scholarships' Foundation
Number of participants:
Participants per country:
2 - Any
Profile of participants:
Participants (former or current beneficiaries, experts and/or decision makers) are expected to contribute their experiences/practices on the above themes. max 2 participants per NA, each representing a different sector

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IS01 - 2
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AT01 - 2 CY01 - 2 DE02 - 2 DE03 - 2 DK01 - 2 EE01 - 2 FI01 - 2 IS01 - 2 LV01 - 2 NL01 - 1 NO01 - 2 PL01 - 2 SK01 - 2 PT01 - 2 SE01 - 2
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