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Erasmus+ Projects: Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age


Main Info

Internationalisation (2014-20)
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project management

TCA Description

Themes and goals:

We are planning a thematic conference on digital teaching and learning with Erasmus+ projects. This conference will focus specifically on projects from Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliances, Capacity Building, Erasmus Mundus and Jean Monnet Activities) and Key Action 3 (Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects, European Policy Experimentations and Social Inclusion). We invite participants to explore together digital formats and their relevance for the development of international cooperation and connectivity.

Internationalisation places far greater demands on universities today than it has in the past. In addition to the exchange of students and lecturers, and the implementation of projects, new demands are also placed on teaching, studies and internationalisation@home. Digitalisation plays an extremely important role in internationalisation. This involves the development and mediation of digital learning content in an ‘international classroom’ that can also include students who do not go abroad. It can also involve digital components for the preparation, implementation and follow-up of stays abroad by students and teachers. This TCA would like to bring together representatives of projects, interested parties and national agencies in order to focus more on this topic. In addition to discussion panels and thematic workshops led by experts, concrete examples from projects that are setting trends for the digital internationalisation of universities will be presented and discussed.

We are looking forward to informative and innovative exchanges as we welcome you to share your expertise with the wider Erasmus+ community.

Key Questions:

  • What is currently state-of-the-art?
  • What are the visions for the future?
  • What are both the national and European contexts for digitalisation?
Expected results:
  • Networking
  • Exchange of best practices and new ideas
  • Formulation and development of recommendations
  • Promotion of challenge-oriented objectives
Additional information:
  • 3 participants per NA (1 participant with project, 1 participant without project, but with experience in the field and 1 interested participant)
  • 1 NA representative

Partners and participants

Organiser NA:
DE01 - Nationale Agentur für EU-Hochschulzusammenarbeit im Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst
Number of participants:
Participants per country:
3 - Any
Target group:
Erasmus+ Programme experience level:
Profile of participants:

Project coordinators/representatives, experts from relevant fields, potential stakeholders as well as representatives of the National Agency.

We would also like to invite a small number of university students to participate should their studies or interests be relevant to this event. 

Projects should comprise the following features:

  • The project in question should be funded by one of the instruments of Key Action 1-3.
  • Innovative, forward-looking approaches in the field of digitalisation should constitute the core topic of the project.
  • The general objective of the project should be the enhancement of internationalisation through digitalisation.
  • The project should have produced some findings already which can be shown and discussed during the workshop.

Pending booked places

Accepted places

Sending partner(s):
AT01 - 3 BE01 - 1 CZ01 - 4 EE01 - 2 FI01 - 4 HR01 - 3 HU01 - 4 IS01 - 3 IT02 - 3 MT01 - 2 NL01 - 2 NO01 - 3 PL01 - 1 SI01 - 2 BG01 - 2 MK01 - 2 PT01 - 2 SE01 - 5 TR01 - 4 IE02 - 4 RS01 - 3
Pending booked places:
Accepted places:

TCA Participant Application

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