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Europe Talks Solidarity Conference 2024

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Participation in democratic life (2021-27)
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raising awareness

TCA Description

Themes and goals:

The Europe Talks Solidarity Conference will offer a space for a dialogue around the understanding of solidarity and its connection to active participation in democratic life in Europe.

The second residential edition of Europe Talks Solidarity  will bring together experts that will deepen the understanding of the potential of solidarity in the past, present and future and its value for democracy. The event will offer an overview about solidarity in the youth field. It will present different perspectives of solidarity by providing external experts to provoke critical thinking around the understanding of solidarity and by offering a space for open dialogue. A part of the program will be dedicated to share the experience and expertise of participants. The topic of solidarity is also very closely connected with the topic of participation in democratic life, as well as social and civic engagement through formal or non-formal learning activities. Therefore, the focus of the event will be to increase awareness and better understanding of the EU's common values, such as human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and human rights. 

It is an event organised by the Youth field in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps Programme, but the topic is cross sectoral, therefore applicants from the education and training field are welcome.

The event is coordinated by SALTO European Solidarity Corps (part of the Austrian National Agency) and hosted by NIVAM, the Slovakian National Agency for Youth and Sport. This is a three-day event, starting on 10th of September 2024 in the evening with dinner and ending on 13th of September at breakfast.

For more information, contact persons and for applying please visit:


Deadline of application: 16 June 2024

Please note that since the applications to this event are taking place in the website, the information on booked and accepted places appearing below are not updated here.

Expected results:

The objectives of the event are:

  • To offer a platform for participating in debates on different aspects and understanding of solidarity in 2024 
  • To learn from experts and peers on different aspects of solidarity
  • To open up new dimensions in thinking about solidarity and volunteering
  • To explore how solidarity, volunteering and democracy can connect to each other

Additional information:


Europe Talks  Solidarity will bring together around 70 persons from various fields, interested in the topic of solidarity. The criteria for participants selection is the interest in dialogues around solidarity, the connection with the topic of solidarity and the representation of as diverse sectors as possible.

This activity is suitable for you if you are working in the youth field or in the field of solidarity in civil society. You can represent the public sector, e.g. ministries, government offices, regions, municipalities, parishes; or the civil society, e.g. cultural sector, sports sector, environmental sector, health and disability organisations, faith based groups, etc.; the private sector e.g. social enterprises or civil society movements; such as influencers, content producers, bloggers, activists. You can also represent the media as a journalist or content creator.

The activity will be the second residential one from a series of Europe Talks about Solidarity events, hosted in different countries. In addition you can also learn more about the topic by listening to the Europe Talks Solidarity podcasts or familiarizing yourself with other materials produced in the frame of Europe Talks about Solidarity. 


In our activities we support the principle of a safer space, where no-one is discriminated against or bullied because of their background or person. We want you to respect the same principle.

Accessible and sustainable

Our activities are accessible to people with different abilities. If you need a support person, accessible room and transport or other kind of support, we can provide it for you. You can tell your individual needs in advance so we can support you in your participation.

We take sustainability in consideration where we can. So we encourage you to travel by bus or train if it is possible for you. We also encourage you to contact your own national agency to find out how they support low-emission traveling to activities abroad.

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AT01 - OeAD nationale Agentur für Erasmus+
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